Radtastic Hoop Retreat


Osoyoos, BC. June 18-21, 2020

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Tech Swan

Josh Philippe

Josh has been spinning hoops for 5 years & teaching for 3.  He discovered the hoop in college and hasn't put it down since.  Mostly self-taught, Josh is known for his on-body shoulder-work and fresh technique. 

Performing weekly at fire gatherings and teaching locally for years, Josh has brought his duck-ins/outs workshops across the country this past year.  He's excited to share his knowledge & fresh take on conventional on-body techniques. 

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Kenzington Hoopington

Mckenzey Simper

Mckenzey has been training with hoops for 10 years and teaching for 8. She is from Salt Lake City, Utah but is now living in Mexico City as a performing artist and teacher. She was completely fascinated the first time she saw a hooper and immediately fell in love with the art. She started her hoop journey with one hoop and later explored trick concepts with 2-5 hoops off and on body. After learning how to juggle, she was hooked and her main focus has been three hoop manipulation and juggling. Mostly self-taught, she has a passion for teaching others. 

Her goal is to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. 

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The Flow Kitten

Amanda Palisi

In April 2015 Amanda went to a friends house and didn't know her life was about to change. She knew nothing about circus or flow arts, but once she was shown a few simple hula hoop moves she started spinning circles. Before she knew it, she was finding her flow and dancing with her hoops!


Hoop-dance has lit a blazing fire in Amanda's soul and it means the world to her to share her passion through teaching. The flow kitten has been teaching since early in her hoop journey, since she felt comfortable enough to share her learning style through tutorial videos on YouTube. She has also taught private classes over the past couple years and is overjoyed to experience teaching at her first ever hoop retreat!

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Amy Macutchen

HooperSonic began hoop dancing her way around Toronto in 2011. In 2014 she began building a name for herself as a leader and successful hoop dance instructor in her local community. 

Amy believes that anyone has the ability to create beauty with a hoop no matter their skill level or dance style. She believes beautiful hoop flow is about tapping into different parts of the brain and training yourself to let go rather than focusing on how big your "bag of tricks" is. Amy's passion is on body expressive hoop dance, but she loves all styles of flow and hoop dance. In recent years she been dabbling hard in multi hoop/circus style hooping. Her teaching style is encouraging, energetic, and entertaining!

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Ziel Life

Nicole Kouwenhoven

Nicole Kouwenhoven is an enthusiastic flow artist based out of Vancouver BC.  The spark started with one hoop in the park and the flames have spread over six years into all aspects of flow including: hoop, fire and silk fans, and double staff to name a few.


Nicole is a Hoop Play certified teacher who has taught at flow and music festivals around BC like West Coast Circus Camp, Mini Mad Skills and Sublunar Music Festival. She has also performed with the incredible troupe Cirque Cadia, as well as at local burner events and city events.


There is nothing Nicole loves more than sparking joy with props and teaching new tricks to flowmies.

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Jenna Rose

Jenna Rose is many things – an Aries, a kitty cat, taco connoisseur, aerialist, musician, acrobat, fierce friend, hooper, popsicle enthusiast, performer and teacher.

You can find her in Vancouver fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight and sometimes at work teaching gymnastics. She also loves working with the amazing natural healing power of essential oils, herbs, high quality nutrition, and inspiring and guiding the brave and beautiful community at Tantra Fitness where she specializes in acrobatic foundations, aerial yoga, aerial hammock and hoop, flow yoga, splits-ability, all things sexy flexy, and dance.

Jenna values stage presence, professionalism, connecting with the audience, and adding energy-magic-and flow to any event.

Jenna Rose stands for freedom, movement, play, adventure, energy, harmony, wellness, radical self care, and unconditional love. Her movement is flowing, energetic, and filled with vibrant happiness and pure love.

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Alana Moves

Alana Schramm

Alana is a belly dancer and hoop artist based in Vancouver. She is known for her fluid fusion of these two dance forms, and her warm and supportive energy.  As a dedicated couch potato for most of her life, she was surprised when spinning a hula hoop unlocked a love for dance and movement. She has since traded her couch for hip scarves and hoops, and has become a passionate student of Egyptian-style and fusion belly dance. She can be spotted dancing her belly or spinning her hoop at local shows, and is an excellent performer, raved a critic who may or may not have been her mother.

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Juggler Blayne

Blayne Bird

Juggler Blayne is considered one of the most unique jugglers in Western Canada. He studied Recreation and Tourism management in Saskatchewan but found a new passion in circus 5 years ago. Since then he has taught or performed in schools, festivals, fairs, events, weddings and other places throughout Western Canada.


This circus artist teachs up to 15 circus skill but juggling is his main passion.

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Orbit Princess

Marina Tsougrianis

By daylight, Marina is a straight-A student, by moonlight, she is Orbit Princess. Hula hooping for 5 years, her mission is to spread the hoop love! Orbit Princess’ flow style is influenced by many years of dance training in ballet, jazz, musical theatre, and various Latin dance styles. After years of learning from many talented flow artists she is now eager to give back to the community by sharing her passion.

Orbit Princess has taught workshops focusing on tricks, flow, and choreography at the Douglas College Circus Club, Madskillz flow fest, Sublunar Festival, Trout Lake Community center, False Creek Community centre and other locations in Vancouver. Orbit Princess is also a performer, gracing audiences with a mixture of elegance, sass, and playfulness every chance she gets. She has performed at Electric Love Music Festival, Public Disco, Vancouver Pride Parade, and Trout Lake Lantern Festival. Whether as an instructor or a performer, she loves any opportunity to engage with the community and share her love for flow arts.

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Radiant Life Hoops

Laura Loops

Laura has been carrying on a torrid love affair with fire props and hula hoops for over 8 years on both a local and international scale.  Learning from award winning flow artists, this flirtatious affair has lead her performance career around the world.

Her love for performance barley scratches the surface of her passion for connection and contribution. She teaches classes regularly in Vancouver, enjoys putting on festival workshops and teaches the Hoop Play Instructor course. For her 33rd birthday this year Laura is beyond excited to be putting on the first Radtastic Hula Hoop Retreat!

Having been so fortunate to pursue her passions, Laura aims to inspire others to explore the world of movement. She is grateful to the hoop community for letting her be a full time hula hooper!