The perfect travel hula hoop. Pieces fit inside suitcases, backpacks and make for easy plane travel. This listing works for multi colour hoops, see below on how to place order.


All pieces fit perfectly together, so you don't have to guess how to put it together. No numbers to match up or guesswork in putting together your perfect hoop.


Good for bare and taped hoops.


Step 1: Choose your hoop from the listings and add it to your cart

Step 2: Pick your total number of pieces. The quantity refers to how many travel hoops you would like. So if you want a single 4 piece hoop you choose '4 pieces' 'quantity 1'.

Step 4: Wait for your perfect hula hoop to arrive! 



2 pieces $5

3 pieces $15 

4 pieces $20

5 pieces $25

6 pieces $30

*Please note 2 pieces is less expensive as there are not multiple pieces that need to fit together and takes less time to make.

Travel Hula Hoop Upgrade - Multi Colour & Pieces

Total number of pieces





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