January 23 - March 12 8 weeks Thursday nights
Dance Express Studio - 4247 Lougheed Hwy.
*I have changed studios since spring!
This class is designed for those who already have a firm grasp of waist hula hooping and hand hooping. If you have already taken a class with me you are ready! We start with stretching and waist/chest/knee hooping cardio then move into dance flow, learning fun tricks and transition moves.Our focus will be on putting our hula hoop moves together, learning multiple ways to flow into tricks a using transitions. We will be learning more tricks and smoothing out the ones we may already know. Each week we will review our tricks from the previous week to ensure complete understanding moving forwards.
Participants are challenged to use their anti flow and opposite hand to learn tricks and there's always the option to try adding a second hoop!Hoops are included for class use with the option to buy your own brand new hula hoop if you really love it! We will use heavy waist hoops and light polypro hand hoops. The intermediate class changes every time, so it is suitable even if you have already taken it with me.
$5 discount for every friend you refer for sign up. If you are paying online and have a friend please contact me for your discount code.
Split payment option available, contact me to make arrangments. Come for fun, fitness and giggles! Hula hoop classes Vancouver

2020 Winter - Intermediate Vancouver Hula Hoop Classes - 8 weeks

Number of classes
  • If you know in advance you can't make a few classes, pick the 6 week option and pick your days to take off.

  • Classes are refundable within 3 days of purchase.


    If you register for a full session and realize a week or more before the series starts that you will be missing several classes you can downgrade to a smaller class package.


    Once the series starts missed classes can be made up by attending a different class. IE beginner can attend an intermediate class or vice versa. The advanced class is not open for drop in due to the nature of the choreography.

    In the case of unforeseeable circumstances such as extreme illness etc. please contact me directly.


    If something comes up that inhibits your attendance once classes have started you can choose to delay your participation until the next round of classes. Series are held 4-5 times a year excluding summer months.





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