This 1" eco friendly HDPE tubing is perfect for beginners wanting to learn waist hooping and for those who want to focus on hula hoop fitness. It coils down to half it's size for easy storage and travel!


Pick 1 or 2 gaffer tape colours for a basic hoop - $30


Design your own fancy taped hoop (writing will not show)

with 1 decorative tape and 1 gaffer tape - $50

with 2 decorative tapes and 2 gaffer tapes - $60


**if you see a tape style in the fourth picture that you like, please let me know and I can accomodate. Otherwise, they will look like the hoops in the first 3 pictures.


This is the thickest, heaviest hula hoop I offer and in my opinion is the best for learning.


It comes in seizes 36"-44". Smaller hoops are harder, bigger hoops are easier. If you are curvalicious I recommend a bigger hoop.


There is some writing on the tubing which is visible in the 2 gaffer style and in the pink/purple iridescent style.

Beginner 1" waist hoop



    Hoop pickup:

    3047 Maddams St, Vancouver BC


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