Glossy 5/8 polypro hula hoop tubing that glows in blacklight!!
This is the newest tubing on the market and it is amazing, light, bouncy, doesn't kink! And it's got a naturally grippy feel so you don't need grip tape or hoop wax and you can hoop fresh out of the lake in the summer time! Don't let wet legs or a wet hoop stop you! In the winter take extra care as it can be fragile in the cold.
Featuring the EZ Clip push button for coil down.
5/8 available from 25" to 34"
*buy 2 hula hoops and use promo code 'DoubleTrouble' to save!
**Please note this colour will ship the week of April 8 as the tubing is currently on order and will arrive while I am on holiday.

5/8 UV Teal Glossy Polypro Hula Hoop

  • Exchanges are accepted for hoops returned in perfect condition. All shipping charges to be paid by customer. In cases where hoops arrive damaged they will be replaced by Radiant Life, so don't panic! Length of time until replacement is subject to availability.

    No returns for refund.

  • Pickup available in East Van. $5 delivery can be arranged, contact me if interested.

    Hoops are coiled down to package for shipping. All hoops insured for easy replacement in case of an issue.





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