Adult Hula Hoop Classes


Hula hoops are provided for class use with the option to buy your own brand new hoop if you really love it. We will use heavy waist hula hoops and light polypro hand hoops. All Vancouver hula hoop classes are held at Renegade studio at 3030 East Broadway.


Brand new to hooping? Already have some skills? This is the hula hoop class for you! 

Each class starts with stretching and learning waist hooping for cardio. Our focus is split between waist hooping and learning fun tricks. Each week we will review our tricks from the previous week to ensure complete understanding before moving forwards.



This class is designed for those who already have a firm grasp of waist and hand hula hooping. If you have already taken a class with me you are ready to do intermediate!

We start with stretching and waist/chest/knee hooping cardio then move into dance flow, learning fun tricks and transition moves. Our focus will be on putting our moves together, learning more tricks and smoothing out the ones we may already know. Each week we will review our tricks from the previous week to ensure complete understanding moving forwards.

Participants are challenged to use their anti flow and opposite hand to learn tricks and there's always the option to try adding a second hoop! I do my best to make sure every participant is being challenged at their level!



If you have a good grasp of the hula hoop already, or consider yourself a trickster then this is the class for you!

We will be learning choreographed combos that flow together easily with a focus on doubles tricks and transitions. Single hoop tricks build on current skills and will be worked in to flow. 

In this class we will start with light stretching then warmup cardio waist, chest and knee hooping including moving it up and down the body and anti flow direction.

Depending on the class skill level, these hula hoop classes can focus on doubles, triples, quads and foot hooping.





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